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Edible Flower Guide For Bakers

Updated: Jan 9

Say goodbye to the basic sprinkles and hello to edible flowers. Adding a few pretty petals to your cakes can upgrade them in seconds. Edible flowers are a trendy and easy way to add some visual appeal to your cakes, But before you go plucking flowers from your neighbor's front yard, it's important to note that not all flowers are safe to eat. This can be a confusing topic & unless you do your research it's hard to know which flowers are edible & which are toxic. Use flowers that are grown for consumption and avoid flowers that have been sprayed with pesticides.

Here are a few edible options for your cakes, desserts & cocktails:

  • Roses: have a light, floral flavor ( I love to use these on cakes)

  • Pansies & Violets: have a mild, sweet flavor (Use these on cakes, chocolate bars & cocktails)

  • Nasturtiums: have a slightly peppery flavor (I have seen these used on cakes)

  • Lavender: has a strong floral flavor (You can use lavender as decoration or in your recipes)

  • Hibiscus: have a tart, flavor (Use these on small desserts, I like to make iced tea with it too)

  • Butterfly Pea: have a light mild flavor almost like green tea (A natural way to color your buttercream blue & can be used on small desserts & in drinks)

Always make sure you wash flowers & stems before inserting them into a cake. You want to make sure you are inserting only a CLEAN stem. If you are concerned about the stem you can purchase food or floral tape for wrapping. Another alternative is to insert the stems into a straw, this prevents direct contact with your cake. Avoid using toxic flowers and opt for fake flowers instead.

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Keep in mind not all flowers are edible, and some can be toxic if consumed. It's always best to be sure that a flower is safe to eat before using it in food or drinks.

Drop your questions & thoughts below.

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