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Easy Dehydrated Fruit Chocolate Bar

The Holidays are coming up & chocolate bars are the perfect side hustle or new menu addition for any baker. The best thing about chocolate bars is that the molds do all of the heavy lifting for you, all you have to do is temper (or just melt), pour your chocolate into your molds & decorate.

I highly recommend investing into a dehydrator & some polycarbonate chocolate molds. There are a ton of dehydrators on the market, I found a great one that does the job without breaking the bank.

Check out this dehydrator from Cusimax here:



  • Chocolate

  • Fruit

  • Additional toppings or fillings


1.) Prepare your dehydrated fruits the day before, instructions on how to properly dehydrate your fruit are provided in the Cusimax instruction manual.

2.) Temper your chocolate or you can skip this step & just melt your chocolate in the microwave.

Click here to learn how to temper:

If you’re melting your chocolate place chips/pieces in a microwave safe bowl or cup & microwave in increments of 1 minute(stir each time).

3.) Pour your chocolate into your mold. Once chocolate has settled evenly, gently place your fruits & toppings over your chocolate while it is still wet. Do not press your toppings down, as this will cause them to sink into the melted chocolate.

4.) Chill until chocolate bar becomes solid. Remove from your mold & place into your bag or consume.

Video Tutorial:

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